10 keys to presenting your corporate video

Corporate video or any format of video marketing has an incomparable power of truthfulness; in other words, stating a corporate truth in a text, on an advertising poster or at a congress is not the same as showing it on video. Lively images are captured, then woven together with voiceovers or testimonies to make points with much greater weight, credibility and a capacity for conviction.

Moreover, video is considered to be the best tool to communicate, mainly due to its ability to connect and arouse emotions in record time. Furthermore, you only have to take a look at the social networks to realize that video has become the main feature in our everyday digital routines.

This fact can also be applied to corporate communication where, beyond a differentiating, elegant website design or any graphic element that helps build the visual identity, there is now a key element that you cannot leave out: the corporate video.

A corporate video is the perfect tool to consolidate and show off your brand image while improving your position within the sector. It provides key information about the company: your history, your work method and any other aspect that enables you to gain some prominence over your competition. What’s more, as we’ve explained elsewhere, it can convey your company’s essence in a few minutes thanks to its brevity. And all of this this is done while lending a familiarity and a human dimension that the rest of the communication media can’t achieve as effectively, simply because they are not so “alive”.

how to plan your corporate video

What should you take into account when considering a corporate video?

  1. Language: This is created using concepts such as editing, framing, music, colourimetry, rhythm, camera movements and special effects, and it serves as a means to convey the company’s message to its target market. This language might be industrial, cinematic, using storytelling, technology…and it can also be a hybrid of two or more of them.

  1. Target and Strategy: knowing the target audience for your video (your current and potential clients) and the overall marketing strategy will help us develop an effective communication strategy for your corporate video. Moreover, all of these factors affect other points in this list, for example: the language, added value, budget…

  1. Added value: This concept has two sides. On the one hand, a corporate video has to effectively reflect the added value or values that you give your clients. On the other, your corporate video cannot be just another like all the rest. Together with you, and depending on your strategic goals and your audience, we’ll help you find the added values of your audiovisual narrative: it might be an original approach, including an element of surprise or emotion; using storytelling; finding an objective testimony (in other words, a non-corporate voice soundbite with authority and credibility in the subject or industrial sector)… Furthermore, sometimes your company’s added value may be linked to the added value of your video, though this is not always necessary.

  1. Budget: Using a budget range to serve as a guide, we can reach a proposal according to what is needed, optimizing resources with no misunderstandings that might otherwise waste your time. In the end, what makes a budget more expensive above all is additional time, whether in the creative and scripting phase, during the shooting days, or in the magical phase of post-production. But it is completely true that more time ensures greater quality and personalization.

  1. Human team: Using an image of your staff in the corporate audiovisual lends warmth and transparency. Of course, you have to take into account the following detail: workers who have been in front of the camera, and who have signed their consent to transfer their image rights, may stop working in the company. If so, it may no longer be suitable for them to continue appearing in your video or they may even ask you to revoke their consent. A very good alternative is to use actors or, if the budget is limited, opt for a corporate video focusing on the facilities and management.

  1. Facilities: There are companies whose strength lies in their establishments or production plants. In this case, we need to consider the availability of the different spaces and managers involved during the days of filming, the technical needs for the filming itself and compliance with safety and risk prevention regulations. Planning the shoot is essential.
  1. Do you have a rather abstract line of business? Perhaps you can’t show your facilities or your staff, or else it won’t be easy or convenient to do so. Sometimes it’s simply because the companies are based on services, not products. In such cases, we can opt for a video manifesto using motion graphics or stock video resources, or else we can opt for storytelling with actors.

  1. Technical resources: At Equilateral, we offer different resources that will give your company an edge to set you apart. We can include a drone flight (indoor or outdoor, with a conventional drone or a minidrone + racing drone), 360° camera, time lapse, hyperlapse, 3D, and more…

  1. Celebration: Many companies are adventurous enough to make a corporate video or choose to revamp an old one to celebrate an anniversary or other type of commemoration. If that’s the case, it’s important to know that the script will take on an especially important role in the production. Through the agency, we can help you shape the idea you have in mind, or else begin a script from scratch.

  1. The pre-production phase is at the heart of the project. And we guarantee that you will feel our support and guidance as of the very first meeting. It is crucial for both parties to dedicate time to each other in this initial phase for everything to run smoothly later, and you may end up surprising yourself, like many of our clients, when the first version of your video is already a “DEF” or almost… We will be glad to delve into your business, learn your jargon, your technicalities, your strategy, your values, the peculiarities of your market… We’ll brainstorm with you, and then we will document ourselves, tackle the creativity phase and surprise you with fresh, simple but very well-worked proposals.

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We’ll make the corporate video you deserve.

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