Agri-Food Sector (or Food Industry). Ready for the change?

The transformation has arrived for many companies in the agri-food sector, and it is gaining unstoppable momentum.

If you’re looking for innovation, and creating a symbiotic relationship between the sales department and your clients, then you have to get to know us. Let us explain!

With each passing year, your clients need to have easier access to information at their disposal, and to be able to get to know you in depth.

In some industries, this change is simpler, due to the characteristics of their products, services or the type of end customer. But we know that this evolution of storytelling can become a slower process in agri-food and similar industries because it means adding to your products and services with a strategic, creative evolution.

Changes in the Agri-Food Sector

At Equilateral Agency, we are experienced in the industry and we can work closely with you to take your company’s communication to the next level.

It isn’t easy to find an agency that truly understands the technicalities and complexities of your business. Clients who are international leaders in their industry have ended up continuing their cooperation with us in the form of an ongoing service with an annual fee, since they have verified for themselves the success and cost savings involved in working with an agency committed to achieving an extensive level of knowledge and detail about your clients

We have the utmost level of commitment.

By starting to use new communication features and activities, you will add to your sales strategy and, without a doubt, you will also smooth out the path with your clients—whether they are current or potential ones—by making your communication with them more streamlined and approachable. Furthermore, you’ll be able to stand out from your competition and show your competitive advantages with your added value in a direct, visible and credible way.

We know that you understand your market and your clients very well, so what we are offering you is a change in your narrative: in other words, transmitting (narrating) in a “simple” and dynamic way everything about your value proposition, your positioning, your services, your way of working…via audiovisual projects.

Furthermore, in the agri-food industry, many companies don’t sell directly to the final consumer, but rather they use a B2B business model. In these cases, it is not only suitable to support the rest of the supply chain with your expertise and your global vision of the marketing strategy; but, in addition, audiovisual support is usually needed in the entire complex educational task of conveying technical knowledge, tips and trouble-shooting.

Audiovisual support in the food industry

That’s where we can also help you from scratch as an audiovisual agency, firstly by carrying out an in-depth study of your business, your market and your technical jargon. The aim is to create tailored audiovisual content that works perfectly with your target audience and your strategic goals.

On the other hand, especially if your clients are other companies in the agri-food sector, congress-type informative events are often necessary, where experts from the different professional branches of your business get together to update their knowledge and share experiences and success stories with clients from all over the world. Currently the staging of such events and audiovisual support is a must where we advise you and support you with everything. We offer you a comprehensive, turnkey service, so that everything that happens on stage is under control, optimised and dynamised. From the scripting and scripting, to the delivery of videos and photos of everything that happened, to the multi-camera production, simultaneous translation or the formal improvement of the contents made by your specialists in powerpoint, prezi or similar. Not forgetting the possibility of a hybrid event: on-site + streaming.

In short, all our audiovisual material, in its different formats, will show very well the knowledge you have about your customers and the context of your market.

We know the Agroalimentary market, and we can consolidate solutions for your company, how?

Through very user-friendly audiovisual formats. This material brings your customers closer to you, builds customer loyalty, converts “strangers” into customers, generates brand impact and, above all, builds a communication plan based on strategic elements.

How long has it been since you last reviewed and updated your communication?

They say, not only to be, but to look like one…

We know that improving and adapting to the audiovisual culture creates better results, more conversations, better differential compared to the competition?

Together with you we can land an effective video marketing strategy completely tailored to your needs.

Our mission is to elevate the storytelling and communication of companies in the food sector, and we know how.

We show you different success stories (click on the pictures to see the complete cases)…

Branded content: we use the most innovative storytelling and filming techniques (this time microscopic) to tell new and memorable stories about familiar foods:

Animated tutorial videos (cartoons and/or infographics) to make technical content attractive and easier to assimilate

We specialise in business-to-business communication, but we love to support B2B multinationals like Sakata, who target the end consumer directly:

If what you need is a partner to implement your events and congresses and offer you a turnkey solution, here is a good example of success:

Shall we talk?

Borja Martínez Oliete. CEO and Head of Business Development

Xavi Moreno Simón. Project and Content Manager


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