360° camera

This is a perfect example that “Beyond the quality of the archer’s bow, what makes the difference is the skill of the person wielding it…”

These days, there are geeky tourists everywhere armed with a 360° camera in their backpack, but the key is to know how to use it properly, because this is a tool with many surprising narrative possibilities. However, it all depends on the effect given to it in post-production, which in turn depends on how it was planned during the scriptwriting and/or storyboarding process.

Not only that, a 360° camera can be the solution in places where it’s impossible to fly a drone due to a prohibition or the risk of flying over a large crowd. An experienced, skilled 360° camera operator can achieve a feeling that there has been a drone capturing aerial images over the crowd. At Equilateral, we have an in-house operator capable of envisioning and creating images that stand out for our most disruptive clients.

Are you ready for this little gadget?