Acrobatic drone & drone tour

Did your pulse start racing when the video began, plummeting down one of Capri’s best-known cliffs? These are some impressive highlights that we recorded on the Amalfi Coast.

The fact is, for some time now, all audiovisual media productions have come to use the drone as a basic feature, not an extra.

We suggest you make a difference: get one of the best drone pilots in Europe for your video. With his expertise and skill, his FPV goggles and his acrobatic and mini drones, José Vela (alias “Dron José”) is capable of creating spectacular action videos packed with adrenaline.

What’s more, we can offer you a special format for guaranteed impact: the Drone Tour. Can you imagine being able to tour all of your facilities from the viewpoint of a minidrone, with a WOW effect? Some shots are taken at full speed, others calmly; sometimes flying over large open spaces; others crossing small gaps that it seems almost impossible to pass through without crashing.


That means making one or more sequence shots to show your facilities in a fast-paced, spectacular way. It is a complex production that requires choreographed staging—the people, the action and flight paths—and a great deal of precision to go through impossible places with minidrones.

Coming up, a Drone Tour to show the “before and after” of the great work carried out by Sando to build the immense LIDL Logistics Centre in Granada.

Shall we fly together?