Corporate soundtrack

This is the summary of the Spanish Air Force Awards gala event, at which the première of the Air Force Anthem composed by our soundtrack composer Josué Vergara was given, performed by himself on the piano accompanied by the soprano Solenne Cavero.

Traditionally, corporate identity has been limited to one’s sense of eyesight: the logo, the corporate colours... However, our sense of hearing holds great emotional potential, and it is yet to be fully exploited.

At Equilateral, we can create and compose your Corporate Identity Musical Theme. We create it made-to-measure, following your company’s values and culture. Having a Corporate Soundtrack opens up a range of possibilities for your communication: it can be applied to any type of audiovisual, used in events (to accompany a corporate speech or presentation, as well as to officiate at an event with a live performance), as a ringtone on corporate mobile phones, or else as a hold tone when calling a landline.

And all of this is based on great emotional effectiveness, capable of generating a feeling of identity and belonging within internal communications; and lending a human dimension, exclusivity and freshness to external communications. Our colleague Josué Vergara is an international original soundtrack award-winner, composing for film, TV and advertising, who is capable of understanding the universe of your brand and transferring it to the musical spectrum. Josué will connect emotionally with you, with your human team and with your clients, using the resources of the universal language of music.

Rest assured you’ll be whistling the melody we create for you, humming it in the shower, singing it in your head in meetings...

Shall we start on the sheet music?