Fictionalized event

Being backed by a great team of scriptwriters, journalists and creative staff in Equilateral enables us to provide disruptive content that truly sets us apart. A noteworthy example is Abdelatif Hwidar, a creative advertising expert, screenwriter and film director with a Goya Award under his belt who has qualified for the first phase of the Oscars for a short film we produced in 2018: Manspreading

Thanks to this team of talented thinking heads, we can offer fictional event services that are completely groundbreaking and impossible to forget. Normally this is for team-building events. Since it involves internal communication, our clients usually prefer not to make these works public.

Out-of-the-ordinary coverage in technical and human resources is what we propose, with several filming teams and the on-site presence of the team of scriptwriters. We also have a virtuoso pilot of mini drones and acrobatic drones to add a dash of adrenaline. The creative scripting weaves through every episode of the event in the tone of an adventure, with subtle touches of humour. There is also a high level of finish in terms of post-production and visual effects. Even the soundtrack to each piece is composed ad hoc by an international awarded-winning composer. We can also take care of creating a Corporate Identity Musical Theme, and include its “première” in one of the event’s evenings with a live performance.

By doing all of this, a series of short yet impressive pieces are delivered, summarizing the event’s different days and activities with voiceover actors speaking in the required languages. The storytelling connects it all together, generating curiosity and surprise, sometimes with a cliff-hanger. Hence, a game of parallels is created between the reality remembered and the possible epic that remained hidden from untrained eyes. It is an unforgettable experience that plays with magical realism, setting itself apart from conventional videos of team-building events or incentive trips, where the visual information is usually complemented simply with subtitles about historical curiosities of the sites visited.

Now you’re captivated by the concept and want to know more, right…?