Microscopic nano-reality

In this project, we land on an unknown planet that turns out to be an everyday, edible object found in any refrigerator.

We make a big commitment to projects “never seen before”. And we know that the audience sees a huge amount of audiovisual content every day. It’s getting increasingly difficult to surprise them and grab their attention. Of course, creativity and scriptwriting are crucial. But what we are proposing is something more: What if we could reveal a totally unknown reality to your

target audience, yet one which is surprisingly right in front of their very eyes?

With unique technology and experience in Europe, the prestigious international award-winning scientific photographer Stefan Diller, together with our team of scriptwriters and post-production wizards, take you on an unforgettable journey to the nano-reality of your product and of your industry. Let us be fascinated together by looking through the eyes of a child to see the microcosm hidden behind the lens of an electron microscope. Who didn’t enjoy Inner Space and Honey I Shrunk the Kids in the 80s? If you’re curious about the details of this work, which was a complete success, here’s the project file.

In this project, we once again delved microscopically into an edible product. Perhaps on seeing how it gets created naturally within a plant, we can put to rest some negative clichés...

Again, this premium service turned out to be a highly effective, satisfying project for our client. You can see more details in the project file.

Shall we innovate together?