Photography for large groups

Would you like to immortalize hundreds of people during a memorable occasion for your corporation? Leave it in our hands.

In the video, you can see the “making of” for one of our favourite group photos: Lohmann Breeders celebrated its 60th anniversary in Cancun. There were more than 350 guests with a tight agenda. This involved a paradisiacal beach, getting the permits in order and a team of six technicians, including the fill lights controller and a drone operator to capture all the preparations. Then there was scaffolding and a lifeline to safely raise up the perfect shot, with the clock ticking away, a producer coordinating the audience with a megaphone... And the rest is history: a unique photo for an unrepeatable occasion.

This is one of the many Large Group Photos we have taken around the world. At Equilateral, we are specialists in this type of challenge, orchestrating all the details and anticipating any possible unforeseen occurrence.

As you can see, we know what we’re talking about...