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TV Powerpoint: Poultry Education

This televised way of embedding PowerPoint slides into different real-life spaces in the field was very well received among both colleagues in the industry and clients…
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Poultry industry with laying hens. Lohmann Breeders belongs to the German holding company EW GROUP. Lohmann is the world leader in genetic selection for layer hens.


An educational video that brings the television language to the classic Powerpoint-backed presentation, while also transporting the audience from the usual conference room to the work in the field.


We achieved a very good reception among colleagues in the industry and clients with this televised way of embedding PowerPoint slides into different real-life spaces working in the field with these poultry specialists in nutrition and cage-free housing systems. With hundreds of presentations a year for their clients—including conferences, seminars and courses—Lohmann Breeders needed a fresh format, yet still based on a Powerpoint.

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